Faculty Mentor Program

Mission Statement

The Athletics Faculty Mentor Program is an avenue to better facilitate the integration of athletics and academics. The faculty mentor will interact with the athlete to more fully understand the realities associated with balancing academic and athletic obligations. Learning and interacting with caring faculty role models is a corner stone of the Athletics Faculty Mentor Program.

Online application form (please fill out and return to athletic director Jon Waters at waters.j@lynchburg.edu.


1. To support the academic development of the student-athlete.
2. To promote understanding and communication between faculty, athlete, and students.
3. Provide coaches an additional resource to help advise student-athletes with academic matters.
4. To be a resource or counsel the student-athlete on issues of mental health and well-being.
5. Informally interact with student-athletes and coaches.
6. To facilitate a student-athlete and professor interactions.
7. Build strong friendships with student-athletes and coaches.
8. Meet with prospective student-athletes when they come on campus.
9. Advise and help freshmen on how to adjust to university life.
10. Attend practices and games.
11. Allowed to be on the sideline during competition.
12. Attend special team function, cook-outs, dinners, lunches, adventure activities, runs.
13. Travel with team to selected games.
14. Receive team apparel.
15. Be a big fan.

Each faculty mentor will have their own style and way of interacting with the student-athletes and coaches. The amount of time spent with the team will vary from mentor to mentor. It is not necessary for the mentor to be an expert in the sport field. They are there to create a partnership between faculty, student-athletes, and coaches.

Here is a list of our current mentors . . .







Lucas Jones

Dr. Steve Smith, Health and Physical Education

Men’s Basketball

Hilliary Scott

Dr. Roger Jones, Educational Leadership

Women’s Basketball

Abby Pyzik Smith

Katie Bowman, Athletic Training
AJ Eccles, Mathematics


Amanda Dean

Dr. Virginia Cylke, Psychology
Equestrian Mimi Wroten Dr. Nancy Cowden, Biology

Field Hockey

Enza Steele

Dr. David Lipani, English
Golf Michael Veverka Dr. Adam Dean, History

Men’s Lacrosse

Steve Koudelka

Dr. Danny Hedrick, Sport Management
Dr. Tom Bowman, Athletic Training

Women’s Lacrosse

Bruce Reid

Dr. Sean M. Collins, Exercise Physiology

Men’s Soccer

Chris Yeager

Dr. Dave Hageman, History
Women's Soccer Dr. Todd Olsen Dr. Lindsay Pieper, Sports Management


Dawn Simmons

Dr. Debbie Bradney, Athletic Training
Dr. Jill Lucas, Exercise Physiology

Men’s and Women’s Track & Field

Jim Sprecher

Dr. Doug Thomasey, Mathematics

Volleyball Elizabeth Ellinger Dr. Kari Benson, Biology and Environmental Science