University of Lynchburg Athletics Philosophy

A vigorously conducted, prudent, quality intercollegiate athletic program is crucial to an appropriate balance in the overall program of university activities. As such, it should be considered an integral part of the total education of the student, whether in the role of active participant or spectator. University of Lynchburg recognizes the importance of co-curricular experiences. Student-athletes are amateur athletes in the truest sense and prescribe to the principles of fair play. The physical well-being of all student-athletes is foremost in the operations of the intercollegiate athletic program. The intercollegiate athletic program is viewed as the student may develop as an individual and as a productive member of society through learning, training, cooperation, sacrifice, sportsmanship, and perhaps most importantly, through self-discipline. Furthermore, University of Lynchburg strictly adheres to fair and equitable treatment of men and women.