LC Baseball Welcomes Nathan Norman as Lifetime Hornet

For Immediate Release—10/24/2012 - #132
LC Baseball Welcomes Nathan Norman as Lifetime Hornet

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LYNCHBURG, VA—The Lynchburg College baseball program welcomed Nathan Norman as the newest addition to the team, signing his "letter of intent" Tuesday in front of the baseball team and members of the media.

"He was so excited when he heard his coach was on the other line," Nathan's mother Dawn stated. "He ran and got his hat on and got his badge [stating him as a new prospect]."

Coach Percy Abell and the team were connected to Norman through Coach John Casey at Tufts University as part of Team Impact and have welcomed him, as well as his three siblings and parents, to be Hornets for life.

 "Nathan will get to know everyone as they come in and form a long-term commitment through things such as Putt-Putt, baseball games, batting practice, and trick-or-treating in a week," Abell said. "We're going to keep him completely involved in our program."

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