Stucker Shaves Her Head for St. Baldrick’s

Stucker Shaves Her Head for St. Baldrick’s

For immediate release – 3/4/2013
Stucker Shaves Her Head for St. Baldrick's

LYNCHBURG, VA—Several Lynchburg College athletes took part in the fourth annual St. Baldrick's event this past Friday.  Cheerleader Haley Stucker was one of the participants in the event, and she had several of her teammates cheering her on.

People shave their head in order to raise money for cancer research.  It is a sign of solidarity with people battling the disease.

The total was not final, but the St. Baldrick's participants had already raised well over $10,800. The final total is set to come out early next week.

Many of LC's athletic teams took part in the event. The majority of the baseball team shaved their heads in support of Nathan Norman, their adopted player.

Members of the cross country and women's soccer teams also shaved their heads, just to name a few.