Q and A with Hornet of the Week Mindi Martin

Q and A with Hornet of the Week Mindi Martin

Q and A with Hornet of the Week Mindi Martin

The Lynchburg College athletic department each week showcases a question and answer feature with our Hornet of the Week. The 16th student-athlete selected this year is cheerleading sophomore Malinda Martin.

Martin has made an impact on the cheerleading team so far this winter and earned Hornet of the Week for the effort she puts in day in and day out. Head coach Allyson Harmon characterizes Martin as an athlete that has come a long way so far this season, her first on the cheerleading team.

You are studying health promotion. What led you to that major and what are your long-term plans for when you finish at Lynchburg? 

I chose health promotion as my major because I want to help people and with this as my major I have such a variety of different fields that I can go into that allow me to do so. I haven't yet decided on my long term plans after I finish here, though.

What is your favorite thing about Lynchburg cheerleading?

My favorite thing about cheerleading is the girls on the team. They are so positive and encouraging; they help make this experience so much more amazing.

What do you like most about Lynchburg College?

My favorite thing about LC is the campus. It is absolutely beautiful; it makes morning classes worth going to.

In your mind, what does it mean to be a student-athlete and how has Lynchburg helped you out? 

In my mind to be a student-athlete is to be someone who participates and puts themselves out there, not only to the sport they are in, but also with all other students and activities as well. Lynchburg has helped me by also showing me that being a student-athlete means to be a positive and encouraging role model for others.