Ten Hornets Honored on ODAC Sportsmanship Teams

Ten Hornets Honored on ODAC Sportsmanship Teams

For immediate release – 6/7/2012 - #425
Ten Hornets Honored on ODAC Sportsmanship Teams
Story Courtesy of the ODAC Sports Information Office

FOREST, Va. --- The Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC) is pleased to announce the 2012 ODAC/StellarOne Sportsmanship Teams in each of 10 spring sports sponsored by the conference. This marks the third year the league has recognized these fine student-athletes for their excellence in sportsmanship.

Ten Hornets were honored on the team: Dan Savage (baseball), Sarah Smith (softball), Dusty Scott (golf), Jordan Rooney (equestrian), Ryan Fisher (men's lacrosse), Hailey Bossert (women's lacrosse), Cody Crampton (men's tennis), Kelsey Bergen (women's tennis), Tyler Richardson (men's outdoor track and field), Kelsey Hughes (women's outdoor track and field).
"I am pleased that the conference recognizes student-athletes for their focus on fair play and sportsmanship," explained ODAC Commissioner Brad Bankston. "The conference prides itself on positive sportsmanship and encouraging student-athletes to lead by example. Each one of the honorees has been selected by the coaches in recognition of their conduct in the arena. My hat is off to these student-athletes - thanking them for the example they set for all of us."

The ODAC has a rich tradition in promoting fair play and good sportsmanship in each sport across the league. The character of the conference's student-athletes on and off the field is a representation of not only the individuals and teams, but also the institutions they play for.

"All of us at StellarOne Bank are excited to be an official corporate sponsor, touching the lives of so many in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference," said Angela Ross, Chief Branding Officer for StellarOne.

Below is a summary of the student-athletes representing the ODAC/StellarOne Sportsmanship Teams in baseball, equestrian, golf, men's lacrosse, women's lacrosse, softball, men's tennis, women's tennis, men's outdoor track & field, and women's outdoor track & field.


Devon Snow, Bridgewater College
Andy Richter, Eastern Mennonite University
Will Schulhof, Emory & Henry College
Zack Montalbano, Guilford College
Allan Brownell, Hampden-Sydney College
Dan Savage, Lynchburg College
Matt Musser, Randolph-Macon College
Ben Amos, Roanoke College
Josh Miller, Virginia Wesleyan College
Mike Decembrino, Washington and Lee University

Summer Ramsey, Bridgewater College
Jordan Aylor, Eastern Mennonite University
Ashley Ebersole, Emory & Henry College
Autumn Yoder, Guilford College
Sarah Smith, Lynchburg College
Kristen Hutchinson, Randolph College
Megan Shepherd, Randolph-Macon College
Stephanie Clark, Roanoke College
Hollie Halford, Sweet Briar College
Kelly Keys, Virginia Wesleyan College


John Phillips, Bridgewater College
Mitch Robinette, Guilford College
Sean Gatz, Hampden-Sydney College
Dusty Scott, Lynchburg College
Hunter Weaver, Randolph-Macon College
Brandon Ketron, Roanoke College
Adam Sauls, Virginia Wesleyan College
Wilson Anthony, Washington and Lee University

Tara Deckel, Bridgewater College
Sarah Brown, Hollins University
Jordan Rooney, Lynchburg College
Jen Fowler, Randolph College
Lauren Perhala, Sweet Briar College
Molly Rountree, Washington and Lee University


Chris Sisk, Guilford College
Nate Cundy, Hampden-Sydney College
Ryan Fisher, Lynchburg College
Johnathan Grundy, Randolph College
Jason Andrews, Randolph-Macon
Jimmy McNeely, Roanoke College
Brock Waddell, Virginia Wesleyan College
Rob Look, Washington and Lee University

Megan Bach, Bridgewater College
Celine De Perlinghi, Guilford College
Jacqui Sommerman, Hollins University
Hailey Bossert, Lynchburg College
Jess Anderson, Randolph College
Mikhaila Calice, Randolph-Macon College
Stephanie Vogel, Roanoke College
Sam Schwartz, Sweet Briar College
Taylor Harding, Virginia Wesleyan College


Evan Stack, Bridgewater College
Webster Gilley, Emory & Henry College
Ben Nelson, Guilford College
Kevin Calhoun, Hampden-Sydney College
Cody Crampton, Lynchburg College
Hart Gillespie, Randolph College
Frank Donnelly, Randolph-Macon College
Matt Osman, Roanoke College
Brian Luke, Virginia Wesleyan College
Jeremy Becht, Washington and Lee University

Olivia Stone, Bridgewater College
Sheyenne Cleveland, Emory & Henry College
Kim Kleimeier, Guilford College
Karen Montoya, Hollins University
Kelsey Bergen, Lynchburg College
Brooke Camper, Randolph College
Caty Betz-Holcomb, Randolph-Macon College
Jennifer Antoszyk, Roanoke College
Sarah Manter, Sweet Briar College
Stephanie Bittner, Virginia Wesleyan College
Trelsie Sadler, Washington and Lee University


Julius Delbridge, Bridgewater College
Aaron Sloan, Eastern Mennonite University
Brandon Ash, Guilford College
Tyler Richardson, Lynchburg College
Chase Board, Roanoke College
David Johnson, Shenandoah University
Chris Boothe, Virginia Wesleyan College
Parker Howard, Washington and Lee University

Olivia Mills, Bridgewater College
Sophia Holmes, Eastern Mennonite University
Jasmine O'Neill, Guilford College
Kelsey Hughes, Lynchburg College
Brittany Cornett, Roanoke College
Kayla Gims, Shenandoah University
Lex Higbee, Virginia Wesleyan College
Natalie Stier, Washington and Lee University