Q and A with Hornet of the Week Ned Jensen

Q and A with Hornet of the Week Ned Jensen

Q and A with Hornet of the Week Ned Jensen

The Lynchburg College athletic department each week showcases a question and answer feature with our Hornet of the Week. The 31st student-athlete selected this year is golf junior Ned Jensen.

Jensen had one of the most consistent weekends for the Hornet golf program at the Roanoke Spring Invitational. The junior carded an 80 on Saturday before leading the team with a 77 on Sunday.

You had a consistent weekend for the Hornets, shooting an 80 in the first round before leading the team with a 77 on Sunday. How do you maintain your focus over the course of a round to keep your score low?

Throughout the weekend I tried to focus on one shot at a time. Something I really stressed on during my rounds was my putting game. If there weren't punched greens on this course it would have been fun to see how many more putts could have gone in. 

What is your favorite thing about Lynchburg golf?

My favorite thing about Lynchburg College golf is having the opportunity to compete in collegiate tournaments. It also has been great to be associated with such great people and golfers over the years that I've spent here on Lynchburg's team.

What do you like most about Lynchburg College?

I like the small atmosphere here at Lynchburg College because it makes it a lot easier to communicate with professors and students around campus. I also enjoy the changing of seasons here, being from California we never get to experience the seasons. There are many different beautiful parts of Lynchburg College's campus that you get to experience throughout the year.

In your mind, what does it mean to be a student-athlete and how has Lynchburg helped you out?

Being a student-athlete here has been a very challenging experience. It feels like I have a full-time job, trying to keep both my school work and golf play up throughout the school year. Lynchburg College has been very helpful in the fact that many professors are very understanding and will help you when it comes to missing classes due to sports.