Alumni Feature - Zack Greene '03

Alumni Feature - Zack Greene '03

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Why did you chose to attend Lynchburg College?

After my first visit to LC, I knew it was my school.  I loved the environment of the school and feeling I got when I stepped on campus.  The faculty and students at Lynchburg were just so welcoming.  It just clicked and felt like home.  I got the same feeling after I met coach Koudelka for the first time.  He is a man of integrity and his dedication to the School of Lynchburg College and the lacrosse program is very admirable.      

What are your greatest memories?

Meeting my wife for the first time on 2/14/03.  The W&L game in 2003 for the first ever ODAC championship was a game I'll never forget.  Our win in 2003 over Salisbury at Salisbury. Carrying tires up the hill next to the practice field in the rain and mud.  Pushing the athletic training van in the snow across the field.  Shoveling the snow off the field before two of the games.  I could go on and on….    

How has Lynchburg College helped you in your life after college?

Most of my best friends to this day were teammates of mine at Lynchburg.  We still see each other all the time.  Coach has instilled certain traits in me that have made me who I am today and traits that I will carry with me the rest of my life.  It's funny, I was at a CPA conference in New Orleans not too long ago and I found myself always sitting at the front table of each seminar I went to.  That was just a small thing that Coach had us do in school… the lacrosse players always sat in the front row of the class.  I feel getting my degree at Lynchburg prepared me for my professional career and gave me all the tools I needed to be successful.         


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