Alumni Feature - Joe Starsia '06

Alumni Feature - Joe Starsia '06

Why I Chose Lynchburg:  I chose Lynchburg because I had spent two years at boarding school in Connecticut and I wanted to go to college close to home in Charlottesville.  Coach Koudelka knew my dad from being on a coaching committee together and suggested to him that I visit.  I visited the campus for an afternoon the day before I went up to boarding school for my senior year.  I felt comfortable with Coach Koudelka, the campus and the location.  Ironically, for those who know me well, the only thing I wasn't sure about was the school colors.  But I got over it and applied to Lynchburg on September 20th of my senior year.  I got admitted on October 14th (weird that I still remember the exact dates) which was before any of my other applications were due and I called my parents to tell them I was going to Lynchburg.

My Greatest Memories:  Between playing and coaching at LC I spent seven years there.  So there's a lot to cover here.  In no particular order:  scrimmaging Dad and UVa freshman year, beating Salisbury 13-12 on a straight Joe Matta beast-mode past 2 1st team AA's, winning the 1st ODAC Championship in school history (don't tell my fiancee but still possibly the greatest day of my life), Turkey Bowl sophomore year (a legendary day for the flag football team with the inappropriate name), ODAC Championship 2005, the 2006 season, AKA Brian Kemper show, the Mud Game vs W&L, getting to coach with and live with one of my best friends (#5) for two years, the Short-Handed Comeback at Villa Stevenson, Spring Break 2007 and the Fighting Whitmans, annihilating Roanoke in 2008, Garrett and the Greatest Goalie-Goal ever scored, coaching Tyler Tolson, the 2009 team (AKA the only team that loved practicing lacrosse as much as I do), hours and hours of chalk talk with JHirsch, Garrett and the Weirdness, being around for the birth of all three Koudelka kids, learning to coach from the only guy I've ever met who is more intense than I am.  I could go on for days and days.

How Has Lynchburg Helped My Life:  I learned more about life and coaching from Coach Koudelka than anyone else.  Mostly I learned that the lessons are the same.  I learned to strive to set an example for the young men I work with.  I learned to never compromise being a good person and doing the right thing.  I played and worked for a guy who always, always puts his family and his team ahead of himself.  X's and O's are the most overrated thing in coaching.  If I can be as good of a person as Coach is, then I know I'm going to be successful.

It's a Great Day to be a Hornet,



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