Alumni Feature - Jason Howell '02

Alumni Feature - Jason Howell '02

Why did you attend LC? 

I chose LC b/c of the size of the school (not feeling like a #), the feel of the school, the people & b/c I knew that I would be in a good program that would set me up for life post-graduation.

Greatest memories? 

Most, if not all of my favorite memories, come from time spent on the lacrosse field or with teammates.  I vividly remember the celebration after beating Roanoke at home in 2001. Little things that happen on bus rides & in the weight room, conversations in the locker room & revisiting LC during alumni weekends all stick out in my mind.  I also stuck around for all of the graduation ceremonies while I was at LC for 4 years & had some great times with players/friends that graduated before me b/c we had built such camaraderie.

How has LC helped in life post-graduation? 

While at LC I learned what is important & what is not so important & how to prioritize life.  This is something that you have to take with you into the professional world.  Being exposed to different situations, people, ways of thinking, etc. has helped me to deal with everyday occurrences that come up in life.  Attending LC & playing lacrosse has taught me tremendous work ethic that is necessary in life & is appreciated by family, friends, co-workers & customers; & those that I come across that also played sports in college share a common bond that can help to make the professional world a bit easier to navigate.  Many of today's successful professionals also played a sport in college & I have been told time & time again that an athlete's work ethic is directly transferrable to the real world & that's why so many of succeed in the professional world.

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