Alumni Feature - Garrett Curran '08

Alumni Feature - Garrett Curran '08

Some favorite moments for me are as follows in no particular order; 

1) Being able to be tied to the program after I was done playing my four years and coach my brother.

2) Waking up early on Fridays during Fall Ball and running Momument Terrace, moving tires and becoming a team with people I consider family now.

3) Beating Roanoke... no slaughtering Roanoke during the '08 season.  Continuing to go undefeated in the ODAC.

4) Dunking Coach Koudelka in the inflatable pool after our championship win against VWS.

5) Playing mini lax late night in the pavillion with teamates when the whole college was out for the summer break.  This was afforded to us because we made it to the quarter finals in the NCAA that year.

6) Learning to become a man by applying the little things I picked up from being allowed to be part of a program greater then any single person.

7) Destroying Washington and Lee every single game after we lost one time to them my freshman year during the regular season and see real leaders emerge after that game.

8) Getting the opportunity to help people locally with Rebuilding America by building much needed wheelchair ramps.

9) Seeing what true committment is from my teammates and coaching staff day in and day out because they were on the wall, in the gym on the field/film when noone was looking.

10) Coaching in NJ with Jordan and beating Stevens Tech in a monsoon.

I chose Lynchburg College because I knew I would have an opportunity to do great things there.  Not because it was given to me but because I was challenged by Coach Koudelka before I even showed up on day one.  These are the kids we go after.  Not the ones who are handed things but the ones that want to earn things.  That is what separates Lynchburg college from every other place I have seen.  After working with people from other programs and schools this seems to be a common theme.  After taking away the lessons taught by buying into something more important them myself I really found a way to strive for greatness by leaning on others when you are weak and driving results when you are strong.  It is a constant evolution to always challenge yourself to be better.  This attribute is taught at LC and it has positioned me to excel in my career path.


Garrett Curran '08

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