Alumni Feature - Ryan Cranston '08

Alumni Feature - Ryan Cranston '08

I chose to attend Lynchburg College because when I stepped on the campus and walked around it felt right.  Those feelings were then reinforced by the coaching staff.  I had an amazing four years at Lynchburg and highly doubt that I would have had the same great experience anywhere else.

Greatest memories while at Lynchburg have to be winning the ODAC championship in '05 and '08.  Both were different feelings because of my role on the team but both were an experience I wouldn't exchange for anything.  Some other great memories were beating Roanoke as a Senior at Roanoke and knocking them out of the ODAC tournament.  It's always a great memory to beat a team that you hated more than anything.  Freshman year when we made it to the Elite 8 and stayed in the dorms as a team.  We had a lot of fun together, it didn't matter if people were on or off campus.  That team was a family and it started with the three seniors Billy, Tex, and Greer.

Lynchburg has helped me in a ton of different ways.  I have had so many opportunities to play/work and be around such great people because of my experience at Lynchburg.  There are not many Division III athletes that can say they got a chance at the next level. Lynchburg's tough practices and game schedule prepared me to play against the top players in the world.  

In 2008, my sister-in-law was diagnosed with leukemia.  Over the next two years while she battled and after she lost her battle my times at Lynchburg with the lacrosse team taught me how to persevere through a tough time.  It taught me the importance of family and how to be there for everyone around you.  Without my experiences with Coach Koudelka I would not have been as prepared for that life altering situation.  

Lynchburg was a life coach for me.  Coach Koudelka was my lacrosse coach and my mentor. To this day we still stay in touch and if there is one thing that I have realized from my time at Lynchburg College and my time on the men's lacrosse team it is that true strength comes from belief in yourself, and it is reinforced through a strong support system.  Lynchburg was and still is part of my support system.  

Ryan Cranston '08

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