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Lynchburg Women’s Basketball in the Community

One Love Foundation

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On Sunday, Aug. 26, our program had the chance to attend the second-annual One Love Escalation Workshop held in Turner Gymnasium to discuss domestic abuse and relationship violence with our fellow Lynchburg student athletes, members of SGA and the Lynchburg student body. The One Love Foundation was established in memory of Yeardley Love, former University of Virginia women's lacrosse player after she was killed by her ex-boyfriend in 2010. Since Yeardley's untimely passing, it has been the Love's family mission to spread awareness about relationship abuse and how to address it. We were so proud and honored to have several members of our team participate in the Workshop as group facilitators at the end of the presentation as well. To learn more about the powerful event and to hear feedback from senior and Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) President Molly Shephard, click on the link below.

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Special Olympics 2018:

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On Saturday, January 27th, our program, alongside our Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) program and our Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) hosted our local Special Olympics chapters (Area 24) for a basketball clinic.  We were very grateful to have the opportunity to host the Amherst Up, the Campbell County Spiders, the Lynchburg Warriors, and the Lynchburg Running Rebels!  During the morning session, our student-athletes taught specific skills at different stations: shooting, defense, passing, and dribbling.  Our athletes worked individually with the Special Olympic athletes to enhance their basketball skills to help them get ready for their regional competitions coming up.

To further prepare, two of the teams played in a half court game against each other.  It was a nail biter but the Amherst Up came away with the victory!  Another group of athletes worked further on their passing, dribbling, and shooting skills through more station work.  The last group of athletes, the Lynchburg Running Rebels, played at half-time of the men's basketball game against some of Lynchburg College's student-athletes.

Overall, it was a great day filled with teaching, laughter, and high-fives, as this event brought together many different athletes who all share the love of the game.  We are so grateful to have had this opportunity with some of our local athletes, and wish them the best of luck as they head into their regional and state competitions!

Virginia 10-Miler 2017:

On Saturday, September 23, LCWB volunteered at the Virginia 10 Miler race held here in Lynchburg. Our team joined the MAAM foundation on one of the toughest hills in the race to cheer on the runners. There were runners from all around the nation, and even the world, participating in this year’s race, including many of Lynchburg College’s athletes, students, alumni, and coaches. It was a fun event for our team to get to support those that have come before them. It was an exciting morning to get to cheer on all of these hard-working men, women, and children as they tackled this challenging course, and our girls were honored to be able to provide some extra motivation, positive energy, and encouragement throughout the race.

Midnight Madness 2016:

On Friday, October 14th, we held our annual Midnight Madness event to celebrate the beginning of a new 2016-2017 season. The cheer team, the dance team, and the step team each performed a routine to show off all the hard work they’ve been putting in. Two members from the group XPogo came to perform extreme pogo stick stunts. The crowd went wild as the two guys did flips off their pogo sticks! During the event, President Garren and his wife performed the famous “Hornet Hop”, which was definitely a crowd favorite!

This year, we were able to add an additional event where we invited alumni and the 2015-2016 Championship Team back to campus for a ring ceremony and the unveiling of the championship banners from last year’s ODAC Championship season. There was a special feeling in the air as the team received their championship rings in front of the student body and the championship banner was raised in the gym alongside the men’s team. It was truly a wonderful night to bring together the past and future of our program, as well as our families and student body, to showcase our achievements and ring in the upcoming 2016-2017 season!

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Virginia 10-Miler 2016:

On Saturday, September 24, LCWB volunteered at the Virginia 10 Miler race held here in Lynchburg, VA.  Our team joined the MAAM foundation on one of the toughest hills in the race to cheer on the runners.  There were runners from all around the nation, and even the world, participating in this year’s race, including many of Lynchburg College’s athletes, students, alumni, and coaches.

Our very own alum Shannon Allan, Caroline Wesley, and Coach Ann were among those running this year, and it was a fun event for our team to get to support those that have come before them.  It was an exciting morning to get to cheer on all of these hard-working men, women, and children as they tackled this challenging course, and our girls were honored to be able to provide some extra motivation, positive energy, and encouragement throughout the race.

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Midnight Madness 2015:

On the night of Friday, October 16, was our annual Midnight Madness event that showcases and introduces the Lynchburg Men & Women's basketball programs to the College's student body. This year, however, was a little extra special as the Chicago Boyz came down to be a part of the whole experience. As semifinalists on America's Got Talent, they knew how to put on a show and pump up the student body!

There was certainly a special feeling in the atmosphere as the lights shut off and all the students went wild! The athletic department brought out the fog machine, and our very own Dean Eccles MC'ed the event as our girls ran from the locker room and through the tunnel of cheerleaders to be cheered on and introduced to everyone who came. Our girls had a blast as they were able to scrimmage each other and goof off on the floor in front of their classmates and friends, while also getting to spend time with our Men's team and the Chicago Boyz throughout the night. It's always an amazing experience getting to see the Lynchburg College students and community supporting our's and the men's program while also seeing our girls enjoying every second!

Virginia 10-Miler 2015:

On Saturday, September 26, our Hornets volunteered their time to serve the runners in the Virginia 10 Miler race held here in Lynchburg, VA. Waking up before the sun, our girls were at the headquarters setting up the hospitality tent for the day. That means, cutting up an endless supply of bagels and watermelons, organizing treys of various foods, setting up and breaking down tables, and much much more so that the participants in the 10 Miler could replenish their bodies after an exhausting and hill-filled race. The girls, of course, made it their own with plenty of juggling, laughing, and dancing as they served their community. It was a powerful morning to get to serve these incredibly hard working men, women, and children as they take on a nationally renowned running course!

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Girls on the Run:

On Thursday, September 24, as the Lynchburg College Women's Soccer team defeated Meredith College, your Hornets were there not only to support other teams, but also to support a national program called Girls on the Run! Our girls were there to help empower young girls, between the grades of 3-8, to be healthy and active throughout their daily lives. They organized, they danced, they cheered, AND THEY RAN. They believe in the strength of a community when it comes to empowering young girls to be as strong as they can be! 

Girls on the Run is the first of an entirely new type of recreation program that combines physical training for a non-competitive 3.1 mile running event with warm-ups, team-building activities, discussions and workouts age-appropriate to 3rd-8th grade girls. It is a physical activity-based positive youth development program – or PA-PYD – designed to develop and enhance girls’ social, psychological, and physical competencies to successfully navigate life experiences. These competencies are most often referred to as life skills. Some skills include how to get along in a group, how to assert oneself in a healthy manner, how to stop a gossip chain and how to combat the negative and unattainable images young girls see in the media. A PA-PYD program has the content, structure, training, and motivating elements that promote healthy lifestyles and prevent unhealthy and risky behaviors. 


Salvation Army Fall 2015:

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Bright and early on Tuesday, September 15, your Hornets celebrated being a month away from season by heading back over to the Salvation Army. Bringing lots of eggs, bacon, sausage, and pancakes to cook and feed to whoever needed a nice warm breakfast. Volunteering at the Salvation Army is our favorite way to start our mornings, as the girls enjoy getting to cook for and chat with those in the community. 

Salvation Army Spring 2015:

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Bright and early the morning of April 30, 2015, your Hornets woke up ready to serve the community! Spending a few hours of their time they cooked a wonderful meal of pancakes, grits, sausage, biscuits & gravy, etc. and served that breakfast alongside the Salvation Army! They were able to develop relationships and serve deep in the heart of the Lynchburg community. What a great way to start the day!


Girls Clinic 2014:

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On Sunday, January 19, 2014 the Lynchburg College women's basketball team hosted a clinic for girls in the Lynchburg community and surrounding areas. Nearly 30 girls attended the session and spent the afternoon getting to know and learning from the current Lynchburg College student-athletes. 


Virginia 10 Miler:

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On Saturday, September 27, 2014 members of the Lynchburg College women's basketball team volunteered at the annual Virginia 10 mile race held in Lynchburg. The team arrived early in the morning to volunteer at a station with members from MAAM, which is an organization that seeks to raise funds to fight breast cancer.

By working side by side with MAAM, the Hornets were able to both raise awareness for breast cancer and show support for the community as they ran 10 miles in this hill ridden city. The team helped to move cones to direct athletes and cheered them on as they worked to complete the ten mile course.

It truly was an amazing experience to be able to see all ages take on such a challenge and do so well! Though it was our girls' jobs to motivate and inspire throughout the race, it was hardly a surprise that they were also inspired by the hard work and positive atmosphere of both the runners and the members of the MAAM organization.


Sandusky Fall Festival:

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On Saturday, October 18, 2014 the members of the Lynchburg College Men's and Women's basketball teams volunteered their time to assist Sandusky Elementary School in their annual Fall Festival held for the children and community in the area. From 11 a.m. through 1 p.m., the men's and women's teams paired up and helped run the show. 

For the second year in a row, the weather was perfect for the Fall Festival, allowing everything to run smoothly. The girls helped the children make the dye t-shirts, assisted them in the dunk booth so they could drop their school principal in icy cold water, ran the "cake walk" that sent winners home with homemade cakes, and played with them in bouncy houses, obstacle courses, and various other competitive games. Both basketball teams for the Hornets and the children and families of Sandusky Elementary left with smiling faces and plenty of laughter to fuel them for this beautiful fall.


Midnight Madness:

On Friday, October 18, 2013 members of the 2013-14 Women's basketball team participated in the annual Midnight Madness event. During the event President Garren and his wife performed the famous "Hornet Hop" followed by introductions of both the women's and men's basketball teams and the cheerleading squad. Following introductions, the women's team competed in a 3-point contest in front of the cheering fans and then the men's team ended the night with a dunk contest. The night was a fun evening that gave players the opportunity to take pride in representing Lynchburg College through the sport they love.

An Evening to Help the Lynchburg Parks and Recreation Organization-“The Dance”:

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Early is September the women’s basketball team enjoyed a night of community service for an older crowd, sponsored by Lynchburg Parks and Recreation. More specifically, the event was a 50 year old plus ballroom dance. The theme was Route 66 and the women’s basketball team was there to help set up, attend, and clean up the event.

The women’s basketball team took it upon themselves to dust of their dancing shoes and have a little fun while dancing amongst the crowd. Some dancing favorites included the Electric Slide, Charleston, and the ever so popular Cupid Shuffle.

LC Lends Helping Hand at Sandusky Elementary School: 

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On Saturday, October 20, 2012 members of the Lynchburg College Men's and Women's Basketball team volunteered their time to help run a field day festival for children of the community at Sandusky Elementary School. The men's team volunteered for the morning hours from 10-12, while the women's team arrived at noon and stayed to finish out the day at 2 pm.

The festival had an array of activities for the children including a dunking booth, pony rides, a petting zoo, moon bounces, face painting, snacks, and a variety of other games.

It was a warm, clear fall day in Lynchburg filled with smiles and laughter from both children and players alike. The student-athletes aided in lifting children onto ponies and then walking them around the lower field. Additionally they took tickets and provided directions at the dunking booth, football toss, baseball throw, bowling station, and candy picking tree. Several members also made snow cones and popcorn for the children. The experience was extremely enjoyable for all those involved and overall a great day spent in the fresh air.

Black Out Game:

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On Tuesday, February 4, 2013 the Lynchburg College Women's Basketball team hosted Roanoke College for their annual "Black Out" game in Turner Gymnasium. During the game two different 12 and under recreation teams and there families were in the stands to support the Hornets. At halftime of the game the two teams scrimmaged in front of the crowd and then in the second half continued to support the Hornets as they beat Roanoke. Following the game members of the Lynchburg College Women's Basketball team signed autographs for the players of the recreation teams. Both the recreation players and college student-athletes enjoyed spending time getting to know one another. The Lynchburg College Women's Basketball team was excited for the opportunity to give back to the community.


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Turner gymnasium was stormed by crowds of students, faculty, staff, and alumni on Friday night October 19, 2012.  The doors opened at 10 p.m. to long lines of excited fans waiting in anticipation to see the 2012-2013 Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams as well as celebrate the successes of current fall sports.  This was just the beginning of the third consecutive Midnight Madness held at Lynchburg College.  Students of the Lynchburg College community who attended the event were provided with pizza and plenty of water and lemonade to drink along with a raffle ticket for prizes drawn throughout the evening.  Once receiving their evening snack people hurried to find open places in the stands.  The night kicked off with President Garren and his wife performing the famous Hornet Hop and continued with the celebration of the fall teams’ successes thus far.  Next cheerleaders were introduced and performed an upbeat routine that got the crowd to their feet in spirit.  Following the routine the lights went off as members of the 2012-2013 Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams were announced under spotlight.  Once all student-athletes were announced the night continued with a 3 point shooting contest, being a fan 101 course, intermixed scrimmage (women’s and men’s teams together) and finally the highly anticipated dunk contest.  The night came to an end just at midnight as everyone participated in a group wide dance of “The Electric Slide” and received t-shirts from the event.  The evening proved to be very entertaining and enjoyable for all those involved in the effort to show our student-athletes support. 

Fall and Spring Clinics:

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In the fall of 2011 and the spring of 2012 Lynchburg College women’s basketball team hosted a free clinic for the local boys and girls clubs in the Lynchburg area. The clinic was hosted on the campus of Lynchburg College in Turner Gymnasium. Each clinic attracted kids aging from 5-16 years old. The coaches and players from Lynchburg College taught the aspiring basketball players the fundamentals of the game.

We LOVE to Read! A Day in a Lynchburg City Elementary School Classroom Reading:

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In October the women’s basketball team joined forces with the men’s basketball team to read to students from a local elementary school in Lynchburg. Each player was assigned two classrooms to read the book "A Snowy Day" and to help with a coloring project. While in the classroom, each player had the opportunity to share their passion for reading and the value of a great education. The young students were more than interested in learning about each of the players as they bombarded them with plenty of questions to keep us entertained! It wasn't a surprise either when the young students were asking for autographs. The event was a great success. We are looking forward to seeing some new little fans in the stands!

Autograph Sessions:

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The Lynchburg College women’s basketball program would like to thank our young spirited basketball fans that came out in the stands to support our program this year! Two special groups in particular made signs, cheered, and supported their Hornets in games against both Ferrum and Bridgewater College this season.

These fans relentlessly cheered their Hornets on with a tremendous amount of pride. After each game, our players met with our young fans to thank them for their support while participating in a small autograph session. What a great success!

Holiday Decoration Competition:

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During the holiday season the Lynchburg College residence life office challenged those living in campus sponsored houses to a Holiday Decoration Contest. The women’s basketball team was without a doubt up for the challenge as they undoubtedly showed their school spirit in embodying the College’s philosophy of “Going Above and Beyond.”

The women’s basketball team worked together to construct a large Hornet Santa’s sleigh. Appropriately, the sleigh was not being pulled by the traditional reindeer. Instead, eight hornets pulled the sleigh onto a 1st place finish in the competition!