Q and A with Hornet of the Week Morgan Singer

Q and A with Hornet of the Week Morgan Singer

The Lynchburg College athletic department each week showcases a question and answer feature with our Hornet of the Week. The second student-athlete selected this year is women's soccer freshman forward Morgan Singer.

Singer had a great week, as the Hornets went 3-0.  She assisted on one of the goals for LC in the 4-0 win over Southern Virginia University on Tuesday.  On Saturday, she scored two goals in the last ten minutes, as Lynchburg came from behind to beat Kenyon College 3-2 in the first game of the Shellenberger Classic.

What was it like to score two goals, including the game-winner, in the last ten minutes against Kenyon College?
Scoring two goals in the last ten minutes against Kenyon will definitely be a moment I will never forget. To have my first and second college goals be in such an exciting way was unforgettable. When we went down in the second half I had no doubt we would come back and win on our field. After we tied it I knew the third one was coming. I was so confident in my team's ability to fight and find a way to win that I honestly wasn't even paying attention to the clock because I wasn't worried about how much time we had left. When we scored the third to go ahead with a minute left, it was pure excitement. The team went crazy because everyone had worked so hard to not lose on our field. Both of the goals I scored were created by incredibly hard work from my teammates and me just being in the right place at the right time. I was so proud of us as a team to fight through adversity and come out with a win in dramatic fashion.

What is your favorite moment thus far as a Hornet?
It's hard for me to pick just one moment to be my favorite so far. I love being around my team. Every time I'm around them I'm literally constantly laughing. We have so much fun when we're together no matter what we're doing.  It's impossible to pick just one moment.

What do you like most about LC women's soccer?
Our chemistry. I can't even believe how well our team gets along already. It honestly feels like I've been playing with these girls for months and it's only been a few weeks. We already mesh on and off the field, which is a very hard thing to do this early on in a season. A big part of our success so far is because of how much we want to win for each other and play for each other. When I scored this weekend I honestly didn't care who it was that scored I just wanted to win so badly for my team. Our five seniors are incredible at how much time they put in and how much they care about this team and it just makes all of us want to win even more for them. I couldn't have asked for a better group of girls to play with this year and I'm so thankful for that.

How has the LC women's soccer team helped your transition from high school to college?
Coach Olsen was talking the other day about how great it is that our upperclassmen have been so inviting and helpful with us freshman and I couldn't agree more. The older girls on our team make it so easy for the other freshman and I to love it here. They invite us over all the time and we're always all together. They also make it so easy on the field to make the big transition from high school ball to college. Obviously college soccer is way more physical and faster than in high school and the girls have really helped us all get used to that quickly. Everyone plays as hard as they can in practice, and when you're playing against some of the best players in the conference everyday it makes it a lot easier in the games. I'm so grateful to the older girls for what they have done for us freshman.

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