Q and A with Hornet of the Week Shelley Hoath

Q and A with Hornet of the Week Shelley Hoath

The Lynchburg College athletic department each week showcases a question and answer feature with our Hornet of the Week. The seventh student-athlete selected this year is women's soccer senior Shelley Hoath.

This past week, Shelley helped the Hornets go 2-0-1.  She provided excellent help on the defensive side of the ball in all three games, limiting the teams to a total of three goals.  Also, in the win over Salisbury University, she tallied her second goal of the year.

Why did you choose Lynchburg College?

Lynchburg College was the only school I applied to and it was very clear that I wanted to attend this school. I would be lying if I didn't give all the credit to my two older sisters, Ashley Hoath and Beverly Hoath. Both Ashley and Beverly attended Lynchburg College and played for the LCWS team. They loved the school and their experiences with the team. I followed my sisters to Lynchburg to have the chance to play with them on the team and enjoy the school with them. I am so thankful that I was given that opportunity. I am so grateful that my sisters lead me to such an amazing school.

How do you think being a student-athlete has affected you personally?

Being a student-athlete has taught me so much about all aspects of my life. I have learned over the years that in both athletics and academics it is so important to be the best you are capable of being. To reach this goal they both take a lot of time and dedication. It is an amazing feeling to work so hard at something and come up at the top. I think being a student-athlete gives you the opportunity to reach the top both physically and mentally. It takes a lot of time and effort but I found that with anything good in life, you have to work at it. I think that nothing has shaped me more than the experiences I have had in the struggles and successes as a student-athlete.

What is your favorite moment thus far as a Hornet?

My favorite moment thus far as a Hornet was my freshmen year when the team was in Texas fighting for a spot in the NCAA Final Four. The game went into overtime and I could remember how tired I was but I also could look around at the upperclassmen and see them fighting like they were fighting for their life. This moment was a time where I truly realized what it meant to be part of the LCWS family. These girls were not just fighting for the win they were fighting for their career as a soccer player, they were fighting for each other, and they were fighting with everything they had left. The feeling I felt when we won that game that moved us to the Final Four was a feeling that many will never experience in their life. I was able to witness the purest happiness on the faces of my seniors and from that day forward I have been doing anything in my power to be back at that spot. I hope this year being my last that the girls I call my family will find that fight that means a little more than the game itself. I think if we all can do this together then my favorite moment as a hornet will quickly change.

What do you like most about LC women's soccer?

The one thing that I love most about Lynchburg College Women's soccer are the girls on the team. I have never met such an amazing group of individuals. One thing that is hard to find in athletic teams is not skill but heart in players. The team I play with has more dedication and pure heart for the game and that's what makes us more successful than the rest. I have seen my team members sacrifice so much for this program and when it comes down to it that's what makes LCWS pursue past the rest. I think that Coach Olsen holds such high expectations for the individuals on the team that it creates a team that represents Lynchburg College in the best way possible. So to answer the question the thing I like best about Lynchburg College Women's Soccer team are the people and their dedication to the team.

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