Tennis Defeated By Randolph-Macon on Saturday

Tennis Defeated By Randolph-Macon on Saturday

Ashland, Va. -- The Lynchburg Hornets arrived at Randolph Macon fired up and ready to notch their first victories of the season. The mean and the women pushed their opponents, but in the end fell to the yellow jackets. There were some great matches and great wins from young Hornets like Juan BorgaBryce Barber, and Christina Harris but the Hornets could hang with the Yellow Jackets.

Men's Recap


Juan Borga/Bryce Barber v Baxter C/Grant S (5-8L)

Nick Savino/Dominick Gutierrez v Alex C/Stuart M (6-8L)

Zack Shane/Alex Ferraccio v Pablo B/Jacob H (6-8L)


Juan Borga v Jacob H (6-1, 6-2 W)

Bryce Barber v Baxter C (6-3, 6-4 W)

Zack Shane v Grant S (Loss)

Dominick Gutierrez v Alex C (6-7, 3-6 L)

Nick Savino v Stuart M (1-6, 3-6 L)

Alex Ferraccio v Shane B (4-6, 6-1, 4-10 L)

Women's Recap


Christina Harris/Lilli Altenburg v Caitlin D/Toni M (8-5 W)

Emily Simpson/Kelsey Dowling v Molly J/Melissa T (3-8 L)

Sarah Wyly/Reagan Coon v Stephanie Y/Landon A (1-8 L)


Christina Harris v Caitlin D (6-1, 6-3 W)

Sarah Wyly v Gaby T (0-6, 2-6 L)

Emily Simpson v Melissa T (1-6, 1-6 L)

Lilli Altenburg v Kristen D (1-6, 0-6 L)

Kelsey Dowling v Molly J (2-6, 2-6 L)

Reagan Coon v Toni M (1-6, 0-6 L)