LC Athletics Celebrates Division III Week: An interview with Lauren Lacourciere

Lauren Lacourciere
Lauren Lacourciere

In celebration of Division III week April 7-13, the Lynchburg College sports information department will talk with five student-athletes that display the true spirit of Division III. Today, we talk to junior cross country and track & field junior Lauren Lacourciere.  

 1.      Why did you choose a Division III institution?

When looking at schools, I decided on a Division III school, namely LC because I wanted to be able to not only run at a competitive level, but focus on my academics. Inherently, participating in NCAA sports is a big time commitment, but in a Division III program I have been allowed to be an active member of the Lynchburg College community as well as a biology major and a business minor. 

2.      What about Division III suits you?

Simply put, Division III suits me because at the end of the day. Each and every one of my teammates are on the track not for of the monetary benefits, but simply because they love the sport. There is a certain comradery that is developed when everyone is there for the joy they get out of performing rather than for any secondary benefits they might be seeking.

 3.      How important are academics in the life of a Division III student-athlete?

In a Division III program you ultimately are a student first and an athlete second. Our coach emphasizes the importance of our grades daily and expects nothing less than our best both on the track and in the class room. As a biology major especially, I have had to balance academics and athletics many times.

4.      What are your future goals and aspirations after graduation?

After graduation next May I will hopefully be attending graduate school where I will be getting my Masters in Health Administration. Ultimately, I would like to work for a non-profit organization related to nutritional education.

5.      Has being a student-athlete at Lynchburg College allowed you to be more active in the community?

As a student Athlete at LC I have also been able to be a very active member of the Community. My sophomore year I was accepted to the Americorps Bonner Leader Program through which I have been able to complete nearly 900 hours of community service over the last two years. I have had some amazing experiences as a volunteer in Lynchburg. I have gotten the chance to direct puppet shows at Puppets Ala Mode - a non-profit that allows special needs individuals to showcase their talents in a puppet show put on once a semester. Additionally, I have worked closely with Rebuilding Together over the last two years, planning major rebuilding events for some of the sports teams such as men's lacrosse and soccer. I have learned some invaluable lessons as both an athlete and a member of the Lynchburg community including (but not limited to); how to roof a house, install a shower, use a muppet puppet and more importantly, what it means to be balanced. We have come to college to become active, educated, and engaged members of society – and attending a DIII institution allows us to do just that.