Hornet Day of Caring, February 9

Hornet Day of Caring, February 9

Hornet Day of Caring

The Lynchburg College Student Athletic Advisory committee organized and executed a department wide service day this February.  The Hornets day of caring was engineered with the intention of all teams in the athletic department to engage in the community on the same day.  The students contrived this idea, planned the event, and provided some invaluable service to the areas nonprofit organizations.  The Lynchburg Athletic Department worked with over 11 different organizations and continued to maintain a place in the community of valued service.  Through the mission of the National Collegiate Athletic Association Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, Lynchburg College Student-has inaugurated a program to support Student-Athlete development while enhancing the Student-Athlete experience.

They are active around campus leading their team in community service, organizing participation in athletic and non-athletic events.  We have asked the student athletes to provide us with their experience from Hornets Day of Help, they are listed below.  


These are their stories and photos:


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Women's Lacrosse:

The Lynchburg Women's Lacrosse Team volunteered at the Park View Community Mission, which is a local food pantry in Lynchburg that assists local families with supplemental groceries. The mission is unique in the fact that it allows community members in need to choose their own food items, they essentially have the opportunity to grocery shop from the donated items. It is run out of the Park View Methodist church on Memorial Avenue. The Mission helps feed up to 800 families a month. They frequently receive donations from Wal-Mart, Kroger and other members of the greater Lynchburg community.  The team helped unload three pallets of food, sorted the food based on the type and then stocked the shelves with all of the food. Additionally, they helped take inventory of the frozen food and restocked the freezers as well. Volunteering at the Park View Community was a very positive experience for the team, we were able to lend a helping hand where it was needed most.  We were also invited back and certainly look forward to helping out again in the near future.  This service day showed us a different perspective and allowed us to work together and bond as a team.  

Katherine A. Seidel



The Lynchburg College volleyball team participated in the school's SAAC Day of Service this past Sunday. The girls volunteered with the Society of St. Andrew, which is based in Big Island, VA and provides salvaged potatoes as well as other vegetables for Virginia's hungry. The team cut and tied over 1,000 bags, which will eventually be stuffed and delivered to the needy. The volleyball team is happy to be able to have such a big and contributing impact on the lives of people in the Lynchburg community.

Aricquel Payne



We were unable to take pictures with the residents or speak of their names outside of the Lynchburg Health and Rehab center. Below is our write up about our day:


We participated in the All Athletic Hornet Service Day at the Lynchburg Health and Rehab center on February 9, 2014. As a softball team we discovered that the little things in life mean so much; a simple smile, a gentle hug, soulful story, or a laugh that lingers the hallways. Our team split into groups to visit the residents. We learned very shortly that the residents loved to talk and all they wanted was our attention and listening skills. They shared touching stories, sang songs to us and played card games. We learned of the life of a World War II veteran who served our country well for many years up and down the east coast. He told stories of the struggles and life threatening situations that he faced during his time of duty. A woman shared her testimony through song to show her love for God, and told us how we all have a mansion ready for us in heaven with the table set and dinner ready. Whether it was playing a simple card game, laughing at their stories or just smiling to the residents, it made them feel loved and appreciated. As members of the Lynchburg College Softball Team, we know that we have new fans that will be with us spiritually throughout our season.


Skylar Seals


Women's Basketball:


On Sunday January 19th, 2014 the Lynchburg College Women's Basketball team hosted a clinic for girls in the Lynchburg community and surrounding areas. Nearly 30 girls attended the session and got to spend the afternoon getting to know and learning from the current Lynchburg College scholar athletes. It was an extremely enjoyable afternoon for players, coaches, and all those in attendance.

Jenny Logan, Assistant Women's Basketball Coach


Men's Soccer:

This past Sunday, Feb. 9, the Lynchburg College Men's Soccer Team visited the Old City Cemetery. Our mission there was to help Mrs. Karen Bracco and the staff with multiple small yard work jobs including: shoveling goat waste, picking up sticks, raking leaves, and fluffing mulch. The over-all experience was beneficial to both parties. As we helped them cover the massive area of grounds that they have, we were treated to many history lessons and fun facts about the cemetery. It was great to give back to a community that gives us their full support.

Earl Rimbey


Men's and Women's Track & Field

On Sunday afternoon 12 members of the Lynchburg Men and Women's Track and Field team participated in the All Athletic Service hosted by SAAC. They volunteered with Rebuilding Together Lynchburg, a non-profit that works to keep low income families in their homes by helping to repair and maintain their houses. Together the Track and Field team helped to remove a handicap ramp that two years ago Rebuilding Together had installed. The ramps are built in a modular fashion that allows them to be installed and uninstalled once the homeowner no longer needs it. The ramps are then used for other homes. These ramps often times are what stands between an individual being stuck in a hospital for the remainder of their recovery or lives and their return home. The team then helped to move the ramp pieces to another home where it will be installed in the next couple of weeks to allow a local man return to his wife from the hospital.

Lauren M. Lacourciere


Men's and Women's Tennis

The Lynchburg College Varsity Tennis team went to Fort Hill Methodist Church where we served dinner to the church's youth group. We made Mac'n'Cheese, Chicken Nuggets, and Green Beans. We also cleaned all the toys in their nursery. It was really fun, the kids were so great and the entire staff was so welcoming. We had about 12 players attend and both of our coaches helped out. We cannot wait to volunteer there again and maybe even help out with their weekly backpack program for elementary schools in the area.

Kelsey Dowling


Field Hockey

On February 9, 2014, the Lynchburg College Field Hockey Team participated in the athletic department wide "Hornet Day of Help". The team did their volunteering at Lynchburg's Miriam's House, a house serving homeless women or mothers and their children. There they cleaned children's toys, picked up sticks in the yard, sanitized tables, walls, and chairs. They also made Valentine's Day cards for the children and attached stuffed animals as well. It was a great experience for everyone on the team and we look forward to volunteering there in the future. 

Morgan Lammando



For the Lynchburg College Service Day this past Sunday, the Golf team volunteered at the Lynchburg Presbyterian Home. The entire team helped scrub clean all of the preschool's classrooms. We washed the walls, the windows, the toys, and all of the chairs and desks. In addition to the classrooms, we cleaned the hallways and bathroom as well. I believe the entire team would agree that we made a clear impact on the community. It is very rewarding to help children by ensuring that they have a clean and safe learning environment. By providing clean classrooms, we allow the teachers to focus on their students, while parents are given peace of mind that their child is in a healthy and safe classroom. This was a gratifying experience that allowed us to give back to a community that offers so much, and we will gladly volunteer again.

Andy Craig


Men's Basketball:

The Lynchburg College Men's Basketball team worked at local Girl Scouts Camp Sacajawea on Sunday afternoon.  The team worked to remove leaves, brush, and debris from certain parts of the camp.  They also worked on cleaning out trenches alongside the main road through camp which helped widen the road and prevent future problems with runoff.  Their project supervisor, Mark Johnson, was very appreciative of the Hornets' support and was pleased with the outcome of the work.
Daniel Rowe



The Lynchburg College Baseball program has been working closely with a child name Nathan Norman.  Nathan is a young child who has cancer.  The Norman family is not only fighting Nathan's disease, but also the diseases of others.  They are raising money to fund pediatric Cancer research to try and help other cash strapped families.  A year ago the LC Baseball program adopted Nathan and made him a member of the team, but this year the team will be selling shirts that support the Norman's cause.  They will be should around campus and all of the earnings will go to the Norman family and Pediatric Cancer research.  Keep your eyes open for these shirts that are not only good looking, but are for a good cause.

Joe Rogers


Men's Lacrosse


The Lynchburg College Men's Lacrosse team was intending to help with clean-up and other tasks at some of the local Lynchburg City Elementary Schools. However, that was postponed until Spring Break. On Tuesday night, the Men's Lacrosse Team helped work with the Women's Basketball Team and their Play 4 Kay evening. The team helped with the Pink Out theme and also helped set-up a Knockout Tournament at halftime of the game with student-athletes participating.  The event was a huge success and money was raised throughout the night for the Play 4 Kay foundation and our own M.A.A.M (Mammograms Annually a Must) organization.


Women's Soccer

On March 29 the Lynchburg College Women's Soccer Team partnered with Sports Outreach will be hosting its 7th annual Gifts for Gulu 5k run/walk. This 3.1 mile race will be ran through the campus of Lynchburg College. We will be raising money to support the community in Gulu, Uganda through athletics, education, and public health. It is a great way to bring the Lynchburg College athletic community along with the Lynchburg city community for a very worthwhile cause. The women's soccer team will both participate in the race and volunteer for it.

-Mary Beier and Tess Frelick